Biography of Thomas E. Napp

Thomas E. Napp graduated from the University of Denver College of Law in June 1984 and was admitted to the Colorado Bar in January 1985. Mr. Napp spent the next 15 years representing large corporations and insurance companies in numerous multi-million dollar cases throughout Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah. Some of the significant trial and matters he worked on during this time include representing the State of Utah from 1985 to 1986 in litigation involving the clean-up of a toxic mining area, litigating insurance coverage claims involving Union Carbide chemical and petroleum manufacturing facilities in Texas and Colorado, and the 1999 trial of the DIA runway construction case. He routinely advised large insurers, such as AIG, Fireman’s Fund, Commercial Union, and Liberty Mutual on difficult insurance and litigation questions and represented their insureds in serious personal injury, wrongful death, and catastrophic property and business loss suits.

What was important to Mr. Napp during this time, however, was the opportunity to see first-hand how corporations and insurers make the institutional decision to either fight aggressively or resolve a dispute quietly, how they create opportunity by strategically planning for and managing risk, and how they execute these plans to optimize their competitive advantage and long-term security. These years gave him the skill and experience to know when and how to stand up against a corporation or insurance company, but also to know when and how to work with them toward a more constructive outcome. More importantly, these years gave him the insight needed to identify risks and opportunities and to effectively manage both.

And, these years allowed him to form relationships with the individuals who run and manage corporations. It was through these relationships that Mr. Napp saw an area of the legal market that was not getting the service and commitment it needed from lawyers and law firms.

In 2002, Mr. Napp took the passion and commitment he devoted to corporate clients and shifted the focus of his practice to representing individuals, their families and their businesses. In 2003 he took the decisive step to start The Law Offices of Thomas E. Napp, P.C. as a full service law practice and dedicate it to clients . The decision was a solid: since that time, he has helped scores of people make the right decisions and pursue the right action concerning their lives, homes, families and businesses.