About The Firm

Not every lawyer fits every client. Perhaps the lawyer has large corporate clients who take nearly all of his time, or perhaps he is part of a large law firm and must devote much of his time to the business of running the firm. No matter how skilled and talented this lawyer may be, there will be some people that just don’t fit into his practice. On the other end, maybe the lawyer simply doesn’t have the experience, skill, or strategic relationships to handle complex, difficult or sensitive matters. No matter how much this lawyer strives, there are problems that he can’t handle.

My practice is devoted to working with clients who need an experienced lawyer who will not only give them his personal attention, but one who also has the depth and breath of knowledge necessary to find the right solution to a problem, to make the right choices and plans, and who has the ability to communicate this knowledge to the client and others who affect client’s life and business.